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3 Best Places to Visit in Lombok for Vacation

3 Best Places to Visit in Lombok for Vacation, Lombok is not just offering beaches and mountains but as a popular tourist destination, the island is also offering other attractions. We have to admit that the Gilis or small islands around the main island of Lombok is the most popular destination but we also have to say that Lombok is not just those islands; there are small, traditional villages where you can find various interesting things. Below, you will find three most interesting villages in Lombok.


Sade Village


This village is located in District Pujut in Central Lombok or about 30 km from the city of Mataram. Sade village is one of the tribe villages where Sasak people live. Here, you will how the people live in a traditional manner. Their homes were built from bamboo and wood with thatched roofs. Most people who live there are farmers. But, because the tourism industry has been developed, many of the locals become tour guide.

Another interesting thing you can find here is handicrafts and ikat weaving that are made by hand using traditional techniques. Most houses in Sade village are selling souvenirs, such as necklaces, key chains, bracelets and many more. You can also see how women in the village create ikat weaving.


Sukarara Village


Just like Sade, Sukarara is also a traditional village where you can see the uniqueness of Sasak tribe. The village is located in the district of Sukarara in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. It is just 25 km from the city of Mataram. Most women who live in Sukarara village worked as weaver. The reason why they work as weaver is not just about money but more than that, they want to preserve and maintain their culture and the existence of traditional weaving. Most women here get their weaving skill since they were just a kid. They also have responsibility to teach the technique to their daughters who will continue it.

Women in Sukarara village weave in front of their houses. This scenery can be found in almost every house along the road village. Songket or woven fabric created by Sukarara weavers has different patterns with other villages.




This traditional village is located in the district of Kediri in West Lombok, Nusa Tenggara. It is just 14 km away from the city of Mataram. Different from Sade and Sukarara, this village is the center of pottery.

Once entering the village, you will see a row of art shops belong to local people. Those shops are selling Kemmek (pot), trash cans. Kekete (Pan), selao (barrel), jars and many more. What makes this pottery interesting is the technique. Local pottery makers who live Banyumulek are still keeping and using the same technique as their ancestors do thousand years ago.

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