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Get Around The Gilis

Gili Trawangan

Bicycles are available for rent and the main tracks are good enough for riding. Expect to pay about Rp 60,000 per day, and for two hours about Rp 25,000. A ride around the island is less than an hour, but you need to walk your bike at a few points due to the sandy nature of the track. A bike is also great for exploring the inland areas, where you can see a lot of cows, goats and chicken as well as local homes. Unsurprisingly though on a tiny island, walking is the preferred and most appropriate way of getting around. If you have heavy bags and are staying well away from the departure area, you will need a cidomo (horse cart) to get to and from the boat. A short trip should cost about Rp 50,000.

Gili Meno

It’s hard to imagine why anyone on Gili Meno would want to do anything other than walk. Do just that, slowly. Horse carts (cidomos) are available though, and are useful for getting you and your bags to and from the boat landing. A single trip may cost Rp 20,000-30,000.

Gili Air

Walking is the best option as you can wander around the whole of Gili Air in about 90 minutes. Bicycles are widely available for rent for Rp 30,000-50,000 per day. Some hotels might give you one as part of your accommodation package. There are fewer horse carts (cidomos) here than on Gili Trawangan, They have become quite predatory and will lead you to believe you need one to get to your destination. Most guest houses can be walked to if you don’t have heavy bags. Negotiating seems to have gone out the window and they now charge a flat rate of Rp50,000 for any trip regardless of distance.

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