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Get Gili Islands From Bali

As we know that the only one way to get Gili islands through the sea, by using Fastboat, or Ferry services.  The most suitable way to get Gili Island is by using a fastboat which is directly take you to Gili Island, the fastest, shortest, safe and comportable. All fast boat services are subject to weather conditions and the trip across the Lombok Strait can get quite bumpy especially in July and August. Most operators offer pickups and drop offs but all cover slightly different regions. Prices usually include land transport from/to your destination in Bali.

You may get a better price by booking from a travel agent in Bali /Lombok rather than booking directly with the boat company as the agents get discounts and some may pass them on to their customers. We recomended to booking a ticket online cause it’s more easiest to get the ticket wherever you are.

Prevailing weather conditions in the Lombok Strait can lead to rough crossings and occasional cancellation of services especially during the peak of the monsoon season around January-February. The vessels currently serving the fast boat routes are generally of a light duty hull construction and are powered by petrol fuelled outboard engines. Crew training, operational standards and safety equipment are of a mixed standard and may be below the normal expectations of many foreign visitors.

If you have legitimate concerns about either the vessel, the operator or the prevailing weather conditions do not board the boat, immediately seek a refund of your fare and make alternative arrangements for your trip. Consider your options and choice of provider very carefully. During rough weather flights across the Lombok Strait may provide a more comfortable and safer journey.

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