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Get Gili Meno from Lombok

As the other Gili, sea was the only way to get Gili islands, here are some suitable transportation that you can used:

Public boat (ferry), was the standard method to reach Gili Meno and is used by both local residents and tourists. The afternoon boat departs at 2PM, arrive with plenty of time prior to departure to avoid overbooking problems or last moment confusions. The maximum number of passengers is fixed at 20 persons but it is often overloaded with goods and or passengers. If it seems clearly unsafe due to either overloading or prevailing weather conditions then it is most likely best not to board it. Buy your tickets direct from the official Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari office. In Bangsal this is located inside the main building near the door at the eastern corner. The Koperasi operate the Public Boat, the Shuttle boat, the Island Hopping boat and also offer (official) Charter boats. There is a ticket office on Gili Meno to buy your ticket back to Bangsal, it is located adjacent to the arrival and departure point.

Shuttle boat, This service supplements the Public boat (ferry) service. This is more expensive than the standard Public boat cost .

Charter boat, The official charter boat service provided by Koperasi Angkutan laut Karya Bahari is permitted to carry a maximum of 12 persons. Informal and unofficial charters are also available from private operators to travel from Bangsal to Gili Meno. If requiring one try to deal only with the boat operator, ignore the touts and ‘facilitators’ and use your time over a negotiation, any hint of haste or urgency is sure to raise the price.

There are also Fastboat company, they offer daily transfers to and from Senggigi, but these may not run directly outside the peak seasons, and you may be diverted to Gili Trawangan.

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