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Sembalun – The Unequalled Village at the Base of Rinjani Volcano

Sit in the base of Rinjani Volcano, Sembalun Village is unequalled, stunning, and incredible part of East Lombok. With the great volcano as the background, exquisite panorama of beautiful valley welcomes every guest accompanied by warm smile of the indigenous Sembalun people.

Matchless nature and traditions are revealed, as we get a bit closer to the valley. Some part of the village is virgin forest overlapped with Mount Rinjani National Park. Some part is modern large-scale privately owned plantation. Well-ordered cultivated area, including rice and garlic fields that become two main crops, as well as tomato, cabbage, carrots, chili, and spices farms look scenic at the steep slopes of Rinjani Mountain. The other part is the village community where the people live with unique traditions.

You will experience unforgettable memories in this village of East Lombok. The nature, the people, and the culture are mesmerizing. It is as if you step into another world of nature paradise and culture utopia. For a place to stay, the available accommodation is losmen (homestay).

Things to Do 

Enjoying the nature is the main reason for tourist to come. The main activity is trekking to the mountain. Sembalun Lawang Village is one of preferred access route for Mount Rinjani summiteers. Trekking services are available to help tourists have safe trekking. Next option is two days one night wildflowers walk to go to Propok in Mount Rinjani National Park to see the blooming wildflowers.

The alternative for people who do not want to go to the summit is hill walk around the hills near the village and around the village to see how the people are living. The way of the people live is very fascinating. Sasak culture is rich of inimitable customs and traditions.



In Sembalun, traditional houses of the first seven families of the village become main cultural attraction. The traditional houses are made from mud-brick. Due to high historical importance, the houses are highly preserved and people still live in the houses until present time.

Music and dances are significant part of Sembalun. They have traditional percussive instruments, flute, and gamelan. Many times, dances are performed together with lively music. Dancing with masked is one of many traditional dances in the village. Music and dances commonly become part in various ceremonies and festivals that hold in importance dates during the year.

As main producer of crops and spices, Sembalun offers wide range of delicious cuisines. When you come to Sembalun, you should try the traditional foods. Fresh products cooked with traditional recipes that have been passed from generation to generation are worth every bite.

While go around the village, visiting the local weavers is commonly added to the itinerary. Weaving is also important part in Sembalun culture, especially for the women. They still use hand-weaving machine to create the traditional Sasak cloth that have unique pattern. Grab some cloth as souvenir.

Since the village is located in the base of active volcano, seismic activity should become a concern. The Rinjani Volcanologist center always monitors seismic activity everyday and it is important for every guest to update the information for safety. Do not go up unless allowed by the officials.

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