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Beautiful Sunset in Senggigi Beach Lombok

Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara is the perfect destination for you who are looking for relaxation. In this island, a lot of natural wealth can be found ranging from tropical forests, mountains to exotic beaches. Though many beaches in Lombok, but one of the most popular is the Senggigi beach located in West Lombok.


Lombok, which is located in the east of Bali, is known as the island where tourists can find beautiful beaches, great mountains and waterfalls. Senggigi beach has been known among visitors for many years. This beach offers a fascinating view, white sand and calm waves which invite visitors to swim or surf. Can be said, Senggigi is the center of tourism in Lombok where so many things can be found easily.


The beach is located in the western side of the island or about 12 km from the city of Mataram. You do not have to worry about the accommodation and transportation here because the government has provided sufficient accommodation to guarantee the comfort.


Senggigi beach is known for its exoticism. It is fascinating beach with white sand and calm waves become the main attraction. It also has marine activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling or even diving. The beach is clean from rubbish and the water is clear, so the underwater life can be seen easily when you snorkeling. Because of that reason, Senggigi is also known for its water activities.


Sunset in Senggigi

Sunset di Kila Senggigi

Once you reach Senggigi beach, you will find a strong natural atmosphere. The waves and the wind give a great feeling to anyone. In the south, you will see the open sky and the east side brings a set of green trees. From here, you will also see the greatness of mount Agung in Bali. This beach is really perfect for spending time or playing around with your beloved couple or family.


However, the most interesting thing you will find in Senggigi beach is its sun. It sets in a perfect position that is difficult to find in other places. You can enjoy the beautiful view by just sitting on the side of the beach with a drink on hand. Or, you can sit in cafes near the beach where usually tourists spend their time wait for the sunset.


Because of the position of the beach, which is in the opposite side of the Bali Island, the sunset here is one of the most interesting attractions that are waited by most visitors. Different from other beaches in Lombok, Senggigi brings a magnificent view when the sun sets in the west. When the sun goes down, Mount Agung in Bali becomes the background. It creates beautiful scenery that will help calming your stress.


You can enjoy the beautiful sunset by sitting in the cafes near the beach. You can have some drinks and menus for your dinner. You can find local menus to international cuisines that will give a perfect combination to your vacation. So, do not forget to visit Senggigi beach when you visit Lombok.